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Respironics Trilogy 200

Respironics Trilogy 200

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Respironics Trilogy 200


Light, versatile, and easy to use, the Trilogy 200 offers clinicians and patients one of life’s greatest qualities – simplicity. Whether at home or alternative-care sites, the Trilogy 200 portable volume and pressure support ventilator with BiPAP technology is made for adult and pediatric (>5kg) use.

Three Circuit Options

The Trilogy 200’s new universal porting block gives you the flexibility to choose from three different circuit configuations and provide the best available option for the patient.

Active Flow

  • Uses a single limb circuit with active exhalation valve and proximal flow sensor

  • Flow triggering

  • Exhaled Tidal volume measured

  • Leak compensation on/off

Active with PAP

  • Uses a single limb circuit with active exhalation valve and proximal airway pressure line.

  • Proximal flow sensor

  • Inhaled Tidal volume measured

Passive Circuit

  • Uses a single limb circuit with passive exhalation port or mask with an integrated leak.

  • Autotrak or flow triggering options

  • Exhaled Tidal volume estimated

  • Compatible with pressure and volume modes


Trilogy 200 was designed with maximum portability in mind

  • Only weighs 5kg or 11lbs

  • Has 3 hour internal battery and 3 hour detachable battery

  • Able to connect to an external lead acid battery

Data Management

The Trilogy 200 comes equipped with an SD Data card to allow clinical evaluation of use and patient progress.

Key Advantages

  • ICU-grade NIV performance with enhanced safety and monitoring

  • Treatment for a wide range of clinical severities and patients from pediatric to adult

Optional Accessories Available

  • Carrying case

  • Roll-around stand

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