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Triumph IP12 Infusion Pump

Triumph IP12 Infusion Pump

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  • Large 4.3 inch water resistant color touch screen
  • Dual Battery for providing over 9 hours of battery life
  • Enhanced safety features including full screen color coded alarms
  • Rate Mode, Time Mode, Body-Weight Mode, Drug Library Mode, and Drip Mode
  • Fully customizable drug library with password protection
  • Folding carry handle providing easier transport and space saving stackable design
  • Universal pole clamp enabling cage mounting
  • 14 preinstalled IV lines to include Baxter, Covetrus A Series, Covetrus B Series, EcoMed B Series, ICU Medical, Mvet A Series, Mvet B Series, Pivetal A Series, Pivetal B Series, VetOne A Series, VetOne B Series, Zoetis A Series, and Zoetis B Series.


Product Downloads:


Basic Infusion Startup Process – Triumph IP12 Infusion Pump

Infusion Modes Training Video for Triumph IP12 Infusion Pump and Triumph SP12 Syringe Pump

How To Customize Settings for the Triumph IP12 Infusion Pump and Triumph SP12 Syringe Pump

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