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At Triumph Medical Services, we of course carry a wide range of medical equipment for hospitals and other healthcare centers. But we’ve also expanded our reach into veterinary medical equipment, ensuring that veterinarians who care for animals throughout the United States have access to the machinery they need to do their jobs.

Our veterinary equipment encompass a variety of items. You can buy or rent syringe pumps from this page, and you have your choice of brand. From a Baxter syringe pump to one by Medfusion, Triumph carries what you need. Other veterinary equipment includes many of the same products we sell for human hospitals.

Whether you need infusion pumps, ventilators, or pulse oximeters, let Triumph furnish it for you. For the right medical equipment rental, purchase, or service, Triumph Medical Services should be your first call. We offer premium customer service and budget-friendly prices. Explore all of our veterinary medical products today.

Merchant Services

Triumph Medical is proud to offer customized merchant solutions. Contact Michael Roithmeier for more information:

Phone: 813.922.9319

Veterinary Equipment Rentals

Triumph Medical works hard to provide you with competitive rates and excellent customer service. We offer a wide variety of equipment available for rent.

For any questions, please contact Les Sandlin at 888.962.0662/

Why Rent?

Through our Rent-to-Own Program, you can:

  • Apply 50% of your monthly rent payment toward outright purchase
  • Lower your cost of ownership
  • Try before you buy


Starting a new clinic? Renting can free up your money for larger capital purchases

Tired of repair costs? If rental equipment fails, return it for a replacement

Have a strict budget? Renting can generate immediate returns on investment

Need a tax break? Take advantage of tax benefits by renting

Veterinary Sales

Interested in purchasing refurbished veterinary equipment for your clinic? View our current selection, or fill out our online Quote Request form.

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