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Philips V60

Philips V60

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Respironics V60

The Respironics V60 Ventilator combines Respironics’ ventilation expertise with Philips’ focus on simplifying advanced health care. The result is the noninvasive ventilation gold standard with an invasive ventilation safety net and an interactive display that helps simplify patient management.

Key Advantages

  • ICU-grade NIV performance with enhanced safety and monitoring

  • Treatment for a wide range of clinical severities and patints from pediatric to adult

Because every breath natters and every breath is different, patients need a ventilator that always follows their breathing pattern, whatever their acuity. The Respironics V60 uses auto-adaptive technology to help ensure patient synchrony and therapy acceptance. Improved signal processing thechnology is finely tuned for both adult and pediatric patients.

Advanced NIV with Auto-Trak

  • Auto-adaptive leak compensation

  • Auto-adaptive inspiratory triggering

  • Auto-adaptive expiratory cycling

New modes for the hospital

  • AVAPS maintains a target tidal volume in a pressure limited mode. It provides extra assurance similar to a volume limited mode with the safety of a pressure limited mode.

  • PCV can be used when full control of the patient’s breathing pattern is required. Accurate volume monitoring improves invasive ventilation safety.

  • CPAP with C-Flex option offers three levels of flow-based expiratory pressure relief. This leads to improved sleep quality and patient comfort, adding greater flexibility and improved treatment acceptance.

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