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Dräger Evita XL

Dräger Evita XL

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Dräger Evita XL

The Dräger Evita® XL delivers a comprehensive array of both controlled and assisted ventilation modes. It combines a broad range of performance capabilities with many advanced application functionalities, providing outstanding ventilation therapy and easy-to-use operation encompassing the entire scope of the ventilation process. The Evita® XL helps caregivers find optimal ventilation settings, supports the weaning process, and improves caregiver workflow.


Non-Invasive NIV Plus

  Features an advanced, dynamic leak compensation system that provides adaptive responsiveness and reliable tidal volume delivery.


Open breathing system with standard AutoFlow®

Standard AutoFlow® and BIPAP1) /PCV+, makes spontaneous breathing possible in any ventilation mode. Eases change to a stable breathing patient.


Help prevent complications

The Lung Protection Package (LPP) provides you with a low flow P/V manoeuvre to identify optimal-PEEP and pressure settings for protective ventilation while special recruitment trends monitor the process. Integrated CO2 monitoring helps verify correct intubation and metabolic stability.



Automatic adaptation of inspiratory flow in volume controlled modes .



530 x 315 x 450 mm / 20.9 x 12.4 x 17.7 inches (without trolley)


Approx. 50 kg / 64 lbs

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