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Viasys Avea

Viasys Avea

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Viasys Avea

Automating Everyday Tasks

The AVEA ventilator automates many of the routine tasks you face every day, allowing you to focus on what’s most important— your patient.

  • Automated MIP/NIF, AutoPEEP and Slow Flow maneuvers

  • Programmable oxygen increase

  • Artificial airway compensation

  • Leak compensation

Connecting you to your patient

The exclusive BiCoreTM technology integrated into the AVEA ventilator connects you to your patient like no other ventilator can.

  • Work of breathing—guiding ventilator weaning with work of breathing has been shown to reduce ventilator days.

  • Transpulmonary pressure—studies suggest that the use of transpulmonary pressure guidance in mechanical ventilation may allow you to optimize PEEP titration. What’s most important is that this can be done in real time, with no complex maneuvers and no disruption in ventilation.

Volume-based capnography

  • Advanced CO2 measurements

  • Traditional time-based capnography

  • Alveolar, anatomic and physiologic dead spaces

  • Vd/Vt ratio, alveolar minute ventilation

Slow-flow PFLEX

  • One of four automated assessment maneuvers

  • Low-inflection point calculation

  • High-inflection point calculation

  • Storage of four measurements for comparison (superimposable)

Accurate tracheal and esophageal monitoring

  • Measure the actual work imposed by the endotracheal tube

  • Tracheal pressure monitoring

  • Esophageal pressure monitoring

  • Transpulmonary pressure monitoring

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