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Maquet SERVO-i

Maquet SERVO-i

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Maquet SERVO-i

SERVO-i® combines a high level of clinical performance for invasive, non-invasive or neurally controlled ventilation with outstanding mobility and cost efficiency.


  • SERVO-i Infant

  • SERVO-i Adult

  • SERVO-i Universal for all patient categories


  • Same system for invasive and non-invasive ventilation of adult, pediatric and neonatal patients, at the bedside and during transport and MR examinations

  • Interchangeable modules can be used on all SERVO-i systems (CO2 Analyzer, Y Sensor and Edi plug-in modules, batteries, expiratory cassettes)

  • Plug-in modules and extra batteries can be inserted/ removed during ventilation

  • Quick automatic pre-use check of entire system including breathing circuit

  • 1 year/5,000 hours planned maintenance interval


  • Switch between conventional pneumatic ventilation or neurally-controlled ventilation

  • Backup ventilation in case of apnea with automatic return to the supported mode if the patient starts to trigger breaths again

  • Sensitive fl ow and pressure triggering with fast response time minimizes the work of breathing

  • Compensation of compressible volume during inspiration

  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity, apnea times and alarm sound level settings

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