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CareFusion LTV 1200

CareFusion LTV 1200

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CareFusion LTV 1200

Product Specifications
  • Internal Turbine eliminates need for compressed air

    • Makes system portable and versatile

  • Variety of power options

    • Wall Power, Battery, or Automobile Adapter


BareWith Caps

Height3 inches (8 cm)3.25 inches (8.4 cm)

Width10 inches (25 cm)10.5 inches (27 cm)

Depth12 inches (30 cm)13.5 inches (38 cm)


Bare13.4 lbs (5.83 kg)

With Caps14.5 lbs (6.5 kg)

Power indicators

External power: Green(Full Power), Amber(Low Power)Charge status: Flashing Amber(Pretest), Green(Charge Complete), Amber(Charging), Red(Charger or Battery Fault)Battery level: Green(Acceptable), Amber(Low), Red(Critically Low)

Monitors and Indications

Peak inspiratory pressure:0 to 120 cmH2O

Mean airway pressure:0 to 99 cmH2O

PEEP:0 to 99 cmH2O

Total breath rate:0 to 250 bpm

Airway pressure display:-10 to 108 cmH2O

Inhale/Exhale ratio:99:1 to 1:99

Calculated peak flow:10 to 100 lpm

Patient effort:Green LED


Disconnect/sense lineLow and lost external powerLow and empty internal batteryVentilator inoperative Red LED, audible alarm

Apnea interval10 to 60 seconds

High pressure limit5 to 100 cmH2O

Low peak pressure Off1 to 60 cmH2O

Alarm volume60 to 80 dBA at 1 meter

Alarm silence/reset60 seconds

Power Cord

Biomed replaceable 2.75 m (9 ft)

Extended Features

NPPV (Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation) modeSIMVCPAPApnea back-up ventilation

The LTV-Series of Ventilators all look, act, and, feel alike with the exception of which controls and features are installed in each model. The following list is unique to this model.

  • Pressure control

  • Volume control

  • Pressure support

  • Flow-Triggering

  • Inspiratory & Expiratory hold

  • Leak Compensation

  • Integral 02 blender

  • 02 flush

  • 02 cylinder duration

  • High pressure & low pressure 02 inlet

  • Multiple power source

  • Non-invasive ventilation

  • NPPV mode

  • Spontaneous Breathing trail

  • Patient presets (infant, Pediatric &¬†internal PEEP)

  • PEEP compensation

  • User-replaceable internal battery

  • Low PEEP alarm

  • 02 conserve

Click here for the User Manual

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