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Impact 754 Eagle Univent

Impact 754 Eagle Univent

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Impact 754 Eagle Univent

Product Description

The best critical care transport ventilator on the market. Completely self contained, the Impact 754 Eagle is battery powered, weighs just over 12 lbs. and consumes no gas. Featuring an internal compressor and blender, the Eagle offers PEEP with Controlled Assist, SIMV, Intubated CPAP, and CMV (for Apnea backup) ventilation modes. Bright graphic LCD provides monitoring and alarm settings. An interactive demo/teaching mode assures fast startup sequence in as little as three steps. The Eagle is EMI/RFI & air medical certified.


  • Operation from Internal Compressor

  • Built in backup ventilator

  • Internal Air/Oxygen mixer

  • External Air & Oxygen inputs

  • Automatic Altitude Compensation

  • EMI/RFI Aeromedical Certification

  • Interactive user demo mode

  • Auto Backlighting of LCD display

  • Management of available gas or gases

  • Internal PEEP

  • Low cost disposable ventilator circuits

  • Apnea backup

  • AC-DC rechargeable battery

  • Airway pressure waveform graphics

  • Continuous display of all control settings

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