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Vetland Landmark VSA-2100

Vetland Landmark VSA-2100

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The small, stable, and versatile anesthesia solution. This device meets all of your anesthesia needs with a small footprint. It includes a 5-leg base with smooth casters and is very lightweight. These features promise one of the most stable products available for any use.


  • Neat, balanced, compact design

  • Ships with a Drager Isoflurane Funnel Fill Vaporizer

  • Pop-off valve with thumb occlusion

  • Proven human quality FDA type valves

  • Best heat and moisture conserving coaxial absorber

  • 1030cc absorber is better

    • Less trapped volume

    • Less chance of “channeling”

    • Quicker anesthetic adjustments

  • Quick disconnect fresh gas outlet for non-rebreathing applications

  • Mayo tray standard

  • Back cover protects all tubing connections

  • 0-4 lpm oxygen flow control with protective stop

  • Corrosion proof construction

  • 5-leg base with lifetime caster replacements

Starter Kit (Required with new rental)

  • 1 Adult 22mm F circuit with 2L Breathing Bag

  • 1 Pediatric 15mm wye circuit with 1 L Breathing Bag

  • 1 Bag of CO2 absorbent (Litholyme)

  • 1 6-foot, 19mm, scavenger tubing to connect to F/Air

  • 1 19mm to 22mm adaptor for F/Air to mate up to Scavenger tubing

* Green listed items are consumable accessories, additional accessories are purchased through your MWI rep.

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