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Respironics BiPAP Vision

Respironics BiPAP Vision

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Ventilatory Support System
This versatile, simple, noninvasive ventilation system is designed with advanced technology to be accurate, reliable and easily upgradeable.

Integrated Display Screen
Integrated Display Screen displays easy-to-read real time graphics in waveform or bar scale format, providing the following measured and calculated numerical values to assist with ventilator management:
Total Breath Rate
Exhaled Minute Ventilation
% Patient Triggered Breaths
Exhaled Tidal Volume
Peak Inspiratory Pressure
Patient or Total Leak

Oxygen Control
Allows you to blend oxygen within the unit between 21 to 100% without auxiliary tubing attached to the mask.

Pressure Regulation
Pressure regulation at the mask, automatically adjusted for variation, provides regulated pressure delivery where it counts, at the mask, not inside the machine.

BiPAP® Auto-Trak Sensitivity™
Optimum Response Automatically. The innovative development of Auto-Trak Sensitivity™ enables the BiPAP Vision System to automatically respond to changing breathing patterns and circuit leaks by identifying leaks and adjusting variable sensitivity thresholds for optimum response with every breath.

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