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GE Dash 3000

GE Dash 3000

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GE Dash 3000

The DASH® 3000 Monitor is made to withstand your demanding portable applications. Advanced capabilities allow you to reliably move a patient throughout your enterprise, while feature-rich, no-compromise performance at the bedside helps maximize equipment utilization.

Weighing no more than 12 pounds, regardless of configuration, this lightweight monitor is made to move with a patient. The compact, ergonomic package, complete with integral power supply, allows easy handling. And drop-test rugged design means the DASH 3000 is made to withstand your demanding portable applications.

The DASH 3000 also accommodates two invasive blood pressures, mainstream CO2 monitoring, and your choice of full arrhythmia, true 12-lead ECG with enhanced ST segment analysis, cardiac output and PA wedge procedures.

As part of the DASH family of monitors, the DASH 3000 is field upgradable and expansion enabled to leverage your investment over time. To ensure continuity of care, it supports 2-way wired or wireless networking, can import HIS demographic and lab data and can view other patients. And it looks and feels like other GE Medical Systems Information Technologies monitors, enabling users to confidently and efficiently transition from one monitor to the next, throughout your facility.

Plus, the DASH 3000’s smart battery management system incorporates up to two user-accessible batteries. They feature a 4-5 hour run time and recharge in 2-4 hours, either internally or with a charger. Because the batteries can be changed one at a time without loss of function, the DASH 3000 is specifically designed to help you maintain monitoring continuity.

  • 8.4″ Display, Transport with GE Ohmeda SpO2, stand alone, non-networked patient monitor.

  • English – U.S. 6ft. 1 (one) Lithium-Ion internally or externally rechargeable battery.

  • 4-Channel Integrated Thermal Printer.

  • Standard Handle.

  • Basic Software.

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