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Alaris/Carefusion/Cardinal Medley Syringe 8110

Alaris/Carefusion/Cardinal Medley Syringe 8110

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Alaris/Carefusion/Cardinal Medley Syringe 8110

Product Specifications


4.5″W x 15.0″H x 7.5″D


4.5 lbs

Operating Principle

Positive Displacement

Flow Rate

0.01-9.99 ml/hr in 0.01 ml increments10-99.9 ml/hr in 0.1 ml increments100-999 ml/hr in 1 ml increments

Volume to be Infused

0.1-9.9 ml in 0.01 ml increments10-60 ml in 0.1 ml increments

Rate Restriction by Syringe Size

50-60 ml syringe – 0.1-999 ml/hr30 ml syringe – 0.1-650 ml/hr20 ml syringe – 0.1-500 ml/hr10 ml syringe – 0.1-250 ml/hr5 ml syringe – 0.1-150 ml/hr3 ml syringe – 0.01-100 ml/hr1 ml syringe – 0.01-30 ml/hr

KVO Rate

1ml/hr or selected rate, whichever is lower

Infusion Pressure Maximum

800 mmHg without pressure sensing disc1060 mmHg with pressure sensing disc

Rate Accuracy

±2% of full scale plunger travel not including syringe variation

Privacy Respected